Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Perfect Blooms and Decor Tuesday: Matching White Bouquets and Boutonnieres

The trend to dressing up bridesmaids in different styles is getting more and more popular nowadays. Part of the reasons is the awareness of different personalities of bridesmaids (they have their own fashion style and preference). More brides fall towards the idea of having their bridesmaids to choose their own style, as long as they are all under the same shade of color that matches the wedding theme (I am sure your bridesmaids will thank you a million because you are being such an understanding and caring bride!).

But what if you are a bride who would like your bridesmaids to dress in same style and yet would like to retain their personalities in certain extent (such as holding their favorite bouquet)? Sure you can.

Amy Burke Designs, a wedding floral design company based in South San Francisco, CA. The talented Amy Burke designed the following matching bouquets and boutonnieres. Every bridesmaid carries a different bouquet and their partner wears a matching boutonniere. Isn't it pretty and unique?! I love it!

Happy Tuesday!

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