Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All About Chinese New Year in Malaysia: Series 3

It's all about Chinese New Year Flowers and Lanterns Decor + a DIY Tabletop Decor by Wishing Tree!

Let's see what I have got for you today =)

A beautiful Chinese New Year decor at Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas; as seen in Pam's life blog (Style: modern with traditional red)

Clockwise from left: Chinese Lanterns from The Erraticist, Red Chinese Lanterns from Blognya Jingga, Chinese Lanterns as seen here.

Get creative with CNY ang pao (red packets)!

Homemade Lanterns by Julian Morin

More Homemade Ang Pao Lanterns from HS Lim's Origami Page

When it comes to flowers/plants, the followings are the popular ones during CNY because they each symbolizing special meaning.

Plum Blossom - symbolizes luck
Gladiolus - symbolizes strength and success
Peony - symbolizes prosperity and as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage
Birds of Paradise - represents joyfulness
Money Tree - brings good fortune and luck to those who place it in their home and office
Kumquat - symbolizes prosperity
Lucky Bamboo - is believed to bring good luck and fortune to its owner or recipient

From left: Plum Flowers via here, Chinese Plum Blossom from Locky's English Playground blog

From left: Gladiolus Arrangement from Plant Rex, Vase of Pink and Fuchsia Peonies from Bridge Water Gardens, Birds of Paradise in Vase by Gifts Florist (Singapore)

From left: Money Tree by Eastern Leaf, Kumquat Tree as seen in Locky's English Playground blog, Trellis Lucky Bamboo by Eastern Leaf

Here, I am going to end today's blog post by showing you a simple DIY CNY Tabletop Decor. This DIY project was prepared by Wishing Tree Floral Design Studio (Malaysia). Thank you for sharing, Wishing Tree!

Three more days to Reunion Dinner (my husband and I will take off to Nebraska and celebrate CNY with our friends this Friday night)!! Woohoo, I am so excited!!

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