Wednesday, November 18, 2009

* Epicurean Wednesday *

Asian Flair Dessert Table: Malaysian

I really like the idea of having the dessert table and I am thrilled to know that many of my blog readers and friends actually like that too!

As a Malaysian Chinese, I have been introduced to all kinds of delicious cuisines offered by three major races in Malaysia since young.
The three major races are Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Malaysian cuisine is very much influenced by all three races. No doubt, they are all delicious and I miss kuih-muih* so much! (wish I am having a long vacation in Malaysia right now ^.*)
Kuih-muih =
bite-sized steamed desserts

So instead of an American-style dessert table which we have discussed last week, I am going to introduce you to the Malaysian-style dessert table filled with a lot of colorful and flavorful bite-sized cuisine and sweet soups.

- Chinese Cuisine -

Top row (from left to right): Seri Muka from La Maman Gourmande, Seri Muka from My Kitchen Snippets, Kuih Lapis Nyonya (Layered Cake) from High Over Happy
Bottom row: Angku Kueh from My Kitchen Snippets

All Chinese baked breads/buns from My Kitchen Snippets

- Malay Cuisine -

Top (from left to right): Kuih Koci/Glutinous Rice Cake with Coconut Filling from My Kitchen Snippets, Kueh Bakar/Kueh Kemboja from My Kitchen Snippets, Kueh Ubi Kayu/Tapioca Cake from My Kitchen Snippets, Apam Puteri Ayu from Shekin Foods Enterprise
Bottom (from left to right): Kueh Dadar/Kueh Ketayap from 1001Resepi, Kuih Bahulu/Kuih Baulu from Beachlover Kitchen, Pulut Inti/Glutinous Rice Packet from 1001Resepi

(From left to right) Samosa Kentang, Getuk Ubi, Gendang Kasturi - all from Shekin Foods Enterprise, Pisang Goreng/Fried Banana Fritters from Almost Bourdain

- Indian Cuisine -

Custom-designed specialty Sweet & Dessert tables with finest Bengal sweets delicacies complete with color-coordinated table linens and napkins, china, silverware, and fresh floral centerpieces accented with candles, from Premium Sweets

On top of various dessert stations (solid food), we can include the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Specialty Drink Station (which may apply to any dessert station from all three cultural groups shown above). Our DIY station mainly focus on Ais Kacang (aka ABC) and Cendol because most other sweet soups are to be prepared in advance.

Ingredients for ais kacang are red beans, sweet corns, grass jelly, cincao, and palm seeds served with shaved ice and topped with palm sugar syrup,
evaporated milk and garnished with some peanuts. Whereas, cendol is even easier...It is just cendol (green jelly), red beans, palm sugar syrup, and coconut milk served with shaved ice.

Top (from left to right): Cendol & Ais Kacang Station from Fondue of Life, Cendol from Grab Your Fork, (top) Cendol from The Journey of My Life, (bottom) Ais Kacang from Grab Your Fork, Cendol from Ipoh Wave
Bottom: Ais Kacang with ice-cream from Chow Times, (top & bottom)Ais Kacang from Grab Your Fork, Ais Kacang Station from Grab Your Fork, Mango Sago Dessert from My Kitchen Snippets, Bubur Gandum from 1001Resepi, Quail Eggs, Lotus Seeds, & Gingko Sweet Soup from Life Loves The Curious, Soy Bean Drink from My Asian Kitchen, Bobor Cha Cha from Grab Your Fork

These are simple and I am sure both adult and children guests will be delightful of trying out the fun and colorful specialty drink station at your reception. People will remember making their own ABC & Cendol at your reception, even months after your wedding.

Isn't it a fun and sweet way to kick start your marriage life?
Do you have more creative ideas to share? Please email me at yoursmoment{at}gmail{dot}com. I would love to hear from you.

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