Tuesday, November 24, 2009

* Perfect Blooms & Decor Tuesday *

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!
I am so into the holiday mood and would like to share with you some of my favorite fall-inspired (Thanksgiving) Centerpieces and Decor today. If you have not shopped your decor elements for Thanksgiving celebration, you may take clue from these beautiful pictures too!

"" Dried" Elements
Top (from left to right): Dried Flower Arrangement from Better Homes & Gardens (BHG), Showcase Memories from BHG, Wheat Centerpieces from BHG
Bottom: Forest Scenes from BHG, Autumn Branch Centerpiece from BHG, Greeting Tree from BHG

Pumpkin-inspired Decor
Top (from left to right): Drilled Pumpkins from Better Homes & Gardens (BHG), Pumpkin Candles Fall Centerpieces from BHG, Gourds on a Shelf from BHG
Bottom: Fall Pumpkin Decoration from Martha Stewart, Pumpkin Candles Fall Centerpieces from Martha Stewart, Pumpkin with Leaves and Tendrills from BHG, Pumpkin Candle Centerpiece from BHG

From left to right: Basket Centerpiece from Martha Stewart, Go for Green from Better Homes & Gardens, A Harvest Table from Martha Stewart

Rooms-inspired Decor
(Left) Red Rooms from Re-modelling Center, (Right) Colors of the Season from Martha Stewart

Rooms-inspired Decor
(Left) Brown Rooms from Re-modelling Center, (Right) Festive Foliage from Martha Stewart

Enjoy ~

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