Thursday, November 05, 2009

* Moment-Capture Thursday *
Jenny Sun Photography email coming in...that's Jenny Sun! She is a Sydney and Malaysia based photographer. I love to read her photography blog; often update with new photographs and stories from her clients' engagement, pre-wedding photo shoot, and many more. She never failed to show me her natural, emotional, and candid photos!

I will let her tell you her photography style in her own words.
"Photography is more than just being able to embed an image in front of you onto the camera. It is communicating an art form."

"The best photos should inspire you, move you, and rock your senses!"

"Photographs are a celebration, an exploration, and an experience of the life, events, and beauty that surrounds us...even the most mundane things can be made beautiful or remarkable...You just have to know how to see."

"Jenny's style leans more towards telling a story, communicating the experiences...she believes in letting her subjects concentrate on enjoying the day/event while she works behind the scenes and through the crowd to
capture her photographs."

Here's her newest portfolio of a couple's engagement photography session: - Adeline & Chuen Hau -

The couple is full of energy and they are the brightest stars under the lens of Jenny Sun.
Sharing with you...Some of my favorite shots!

For more about Jenny Sun Photography, please visit her website/blog.

Hope you have a lovely day seeing these beautiful moments.


  1. I should learn how to take photos like this ^^ Im inspired by her work and your work also, Rachel.

  2. I believed the brand new camera is in good hands. Sofie, I am sure you will show me your beautiful works and who knows your works will be featured in Yours Moment Wedding Planning Blog next time!
    Good luck, girl.

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