Monday, November 16, 2009

* Fashionista Monday (1) *

Happy Monday and welcome back to Yours Moment. It is a wonderful wonderful day with lots of sunshine in New York City today and we are going to share three beautiful posts with you today.

- One (1) -
Vera Wang Goddess-inspired wedding gowns from her collections from 2007 through 2009

- Two (2) -
{First BRIDES Operation Dream Dress} winning dress by Amy Wong Micucci

- Three (3) -
Swoon Bridesmaid Collection by Amy Wong Micucci

- - - - - - - - - -

Vera Wang is one of the wedding gown designers that I like. She is a well-known fashion designer based in New York. Her design comes with sophisticated constructions and yet it is as light as a feather. She sends her brides to the party without carrying a fifty-pound wedding gown!

Here is what I recently found and I find it interesting to share with you. This show the evolving process of Vera Wang's bridal collection. An empire-waist strapless gown has been transforming from simple to sophisticated Grecian-style throughout the years. (Found this when I review all of her collections in during the weekend.)

First row: Fall 2007 Collection
Second row: Spring 2008 Collection
Third row: Spring 2009 Collection

Take a close look at Vera Wang's Spring 2009 Collection Grecian strapless dress, the design is somewhat similar to what I am going to post next {The 1st Brides Operation Dream Dress} winning dress ^.*

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