Monday, November 23, 2009

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From sketches to real dresses...
Today, we are going to feature the inspirations behind the wedding gowns created by the following designers.
  • Melissa Sweet by Antonio Gual and Lia Mcnairy
  • Junko Yoshioka
  • Watters
  • Jenny Lee
  • Vera Wang

Melissa Sweet
Inspiration for their Fall 2010 Bridal Collection is butterflies.
One of the dresses from this collection, UMA, was inspired by the movement of butterflies. This dress creates an ethereal and majestic look.

A very nicely done shirred dropped-waist bodice with dramatic detail on hemline and front top neckline. (Bride will look like a beautiful butterfly dancing on the dance floor at her reception.)

From Sketch to Dress Episode

Junko Yoshioka
Inspiration for her Spring 2010 Bridal Collection is "the power of the wind", described as light and airy collection. The wedding gowns in this line are made of all light weight fabric such as silk chiffon, organza and georgette. One of the dresses from this collection, HEATHER (shown below), is made from silk organza.

A natural-waist modified mermaid gown with wind blown feather embroidery motif throughout the bottom skirt. (A beautiful silhouette to show off your hour-glass figure! Love it!)

From Sketch to Dress Episode

Inspiration for her Fall 2010 Bridal Collection is from the exotic in the common place, perfecting the art of "Staycation".
From the designer: "We found our home state of Texas inspiring - from the live music scene of Austin and the artists community of Marfa to the Spanish architecture of the Alamo."
All these contributed to her remix of traditional silhouettes in unique ways, giving ball gowns volume in unconventional ways.

A sweetheart neckline with princess ball gown accented with a bead-embroidered sash. (On top of the princess's privilege on your wedding day, it gives you an instant princess feel!)

From Sketch to Dress Episode

Jenny Lee
Inspiration for her Fall 2010 Bridal Collection is captured from the concept of "Now & Again" (her new line), it gives bride the ability to wear her dress a number of different ways.
From the designer: "The collection offers today's bride a formal look for her wedding ceremony and with some simple changes she can use the same dress for a different look at her reception."

A simple and elegant single shoulder A-line dress with a twist-detail at natural waist. (Suitable for a bride who wanted a timeless feel at her wedding.)

From Sketch to Dress Episode

Vera Wang
(I have signed up the newsletter update from Vera Wang.)
Here is one of her "Behind the Dress" issues to share with my dear readers.

Vera shared the same concept as Junko Yoshioka, both of them created the dresses with silhouettes that convey a light, airy feel.

From the designer:
"Dinah (dress shown below), captures the art of draping and showcases a classic symbol of romance: the bow. Dinah looks and feels soft, feminine and romantic.

With this dress, I sought to create fullness and lightness in the skirt by tucking the fabric into soft layers. The result is a rich, cascading effect. I chose to offset the volume in the skirt with a fitted bodice. Lace is quintessentially romantic. With Dinah, I have used it only on the bodice to add but not overpower.

In wedding fashion, I love to use ribbons, buttons, bows and blossoms to add whimsy and eccentricity. These design elements introduce fantasy and establish an optimistic tone. For Dinah, I chose a bowed sash tied at the natural waist of the wedding dress. The sash is in grosgrain, one of my signature fabrics.

While i have embraced color in my collections, I chose to design Dinah in white and ivory to underscore the innocence that I believe this wedding dress conveys."

Exclusively from Vera Wang VWonWEDDINGS Behind the Dress Newsletter.

Hope these beautiful wedding dresses cheer you up for the Thanksgiving holiday week!
Happy Monday ~ counting down to the family-gathering Thanksgiving Day.

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