Wednesday, November 11, 2009

* Epicurean Wednesday *

Now that you are done with the wedding ceremony, what's better than celebrating your newlywed life with a festive reception with your invited family and friends?

How and where do we start when planning the reception?

First, ASK yourself -
Are you a person who very much appreciates the natural sunlight in the morning?
Do you prefer to mingle around and dancing with your guests through the night?
Or well...Maybe a Dessert Queen in heart?
Secondly, what is your STYLE -
Whether a morning, afternoon, or evening reception, it does create a different ambience for your wedding reception. So sit down with your groom and see what both of you like and fit your personalities the most.
Finally, your BUDGET for reception -

Brunch and dessert receptions usually cost less than a formal sit-down dinner.

I, personally, a MORNING person and I love sunshine a lot, I love it love it love it! Therefore, I would like to introduce you to a rare and yet lovely BRUNCH RECEPTION today.

BRUNCH RECEPTION is not a newbie, however, not many couples opt for this kind of reception because they worry that it will be inconvenient for their guests and thought that their guests will have less time to prepare themselves for the ceremony and reception. Really? I do not agree with that statement at all. Why? The brunch reception won't last for more than four hours (usually), so your guests will have plenty of time to take a nap after your reception. (No offense, I just prefer morning time.)

Brunch Reception is not only a refreshing one, but it also offer you a greater chance of getting the reception site of your choice at a fraction of the total venue cost you will have to pay for a standard evening reception.

1. Less expensive reception site fees
(Most places have lower demand for brunch celebrations, therefore, you will have greater bargaining power to bring down the cost.)
2. Save money on hiring a DJ
(Prefer to have some background music? You can always plug in your iPod or hire a talented student who play well in violin or piano. Win-win situation: You get the music and the student gets to perform in the public and build their profile.)
3. Lower liquor costs
(People usually consume less alcohol in the morning.)
4. Budget-friendly menu

Here, we will approach all your questions for brunch reception in a questionnaire form.

What is the best time for Brunch Reception?
Between 11am to 3pm (So, please schedule your wedding ceremony at church or home at 9:30 in the morning!)

What kind of serving style is suitable for Brunch Reception?
Buffet/Station (My first choice!)
Seated-meal is available too!
Cocktail-style, passing hors d' oeuvres around and keep the morning cocktail drinks flowing as your guests chat, cheer, and celebrate your new marriage life. (A new twist to Brunch Reception!)

What kind of food should I serve my guests?
I love varieties of food. I love the idea of having many different food stations such as omelet station, waffle/crepe station, French toast station, and yogurt & fruits station.

If you would like to include an Asian flair to your brunch reception, I recommend you to check out the Dim Sum station! Chinese "breakfast" is popular with their wide selections of light and delicate small dishes served in small steamer baskets.

How about dessert?
You may set up a dessert station and fill it with your favorite bakeries (either from your favorite bakery shop or homemade). Croissants (plain, chocolate-filled, strawberry-filled, and peach-filled), Danish (peach, and apple), muffins (oat, raisin bran, blueberry, cranberry, and banan-nut), and scones (blueberry, cranberry, orange, chocolate chips, and cinnamon). These are just a small portion of wider options you can choose from; the list goes on as many as you can think of.

If you wish to serve cakes; always go for lighter cakes such as angel food cake, orange chiffon cake, lemon cake, carrot cake, and fresh fruit cake. This applies to your wedding cake too (if you are going to have one)!

Last by not least, the drinks.
Again, I cannot emphasize enough that I love the idea of having many different drink stations at the brunch reception, such as a fruit smoothie's bar and a coffee bar. Your guests can mix the drinks at their choice, isn't it fun? I bet your guests will fall in love with this idea and it is a healthy way to celebrate your newlywed life too!

Of course, not to forget the basics - such as fresh juices, fruit punch, teas, hot chocolate, and some all-time-favorite morning cocktails (mimosas, bellinis, bloody marys, screwdrivers, and champagne).

Be the early birds and serve up your BRUNCH RECEPTION!


  1. You've got a lovely blog. Fun to read! you've got a new follower!


  2. Dessert is a must, fruit tartlets, creamm puffs, cakes and pastries :D

  3. Thanks Giko! Bring the Fashion on, gal.

    Sofie, I totally agree with you - Go fruit tarts, cream puffs (oh...your favorite, when are we stopping by Beard Papa?)!

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