Thursday, November 12, 2009

* Moment-Capture Thursday *

Guess what...We are featuring Jenny Sun Photography again this week! Introducing our gorgeous couple of the week - Christine and Des. Photos were take in Sydney.

Here are some of my favorite shots!
For more photos and information about Jenny Sun Photography, click here.

The PERFECT Pair - Jenny is really good at capturing the morning sunlight at their perfect position. I love the way sunlight comes into the pictures, they are lovely.

It is always a stress-free session with Jenny, couples always look so natural in their laughter in front of Jenny's camera.

The bride-to-be is so beautiful; she is like an inborn model.
Des, you are so lucky to have such a pretty wife! Congratulations!

Great shot! I like it.

Hmm...Grey & Yellow - Make the perfect match for a modern wedding!

They are so sweet!

Thanks Jenny, I love your approach to moment-captured photography so much!

Hope you all have a sweet Thursday too!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Its a work of art, photos itself tells a million story.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Sofie. It's great to hear from you!