Wednesday, November 04, 2009

* Epicurean Wednesday *
Celebrate with Red Wine in "Style"

According to an article "An Introduction to Red Wine" by Stacy Slinkard at, red wine is commonly classified by its body-type. Each body-type is used to define the mouth feel and tannin structure of that particular wine. There are three different body types to define red wine; light-bodied, medium-bodied, and full-bodied.

Light-bodied Red Wine
> Soft tannins
> Lighter in color (light to medium red)
> "Feel" like drinking water

Grape: Gamay
Origins: Beaujolais and Loire Valley in France

Flavor: Light & fruity
Wine: Beaujolais Nouveau (pronounced as Bo-joh-lay Noo-voh)
*Serve best at around 55-degree Fahrenheit.

Medium-bodied Red Wine
> Higher tannin content than a Beaujolais Red Wine
> Medium to dark ruby color

> "Feel" like honey water

Grape: Merlot (pronounced as Mer-low)

Origins: Bordeaux region of France
Flavor: Rich & ripe plumy fruit flavor with a fruity lingering aftertaste with a hint of vanilla
*Serve best at slightly below room temperature.

Grape: Sangiovese
Origins: Italy

Flavor: Dry, range from light- to full-bodied and it displays aromas of cherry, roses, and violets
Wine: Chianti (pronounced as Kee-ahn-tee)

Full-bodied Red Wine
> Highest tannins content

> Medium to dark red color
> "Feel" like drinking milk

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon (pronounced as Cah-bur-nay Saw-vee-nyonh)
Origins: Bordeaux, France
(Well...California, US is another popular place that produces this wine.)
Taste "green" - mint & green bell pepper aroma when grape is young.
It develops softer tannins with strong flavor of blackcurrant as it reaches its maturity.

*Serve best when wines aged longer.

Hmm...make me feel like drinking a glass of wine right now, Shall I?
See you in next posting!

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